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Wbin Season 2

About Season 2

Do you have what it takes?

These Ladies got their Dream weddings all expense paid. What have you got to lose? Put your face on it!!!




Unlimited Applicants


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How to Participate


1. A Bride is a lady getting married or getting in for vow renewal with her man.

2. She must read ALL instructions and agree to the terms & conditions.

3. She must be at least 22 years old.

4. Subscribe at Watch Show for 6 Months @ N10, 000.00 or 12 Months @ N18, 000.00 (Get 20% for subscription done within the first 6 Episodes i.e. 6 Sundays starting from April 5th, 2020).

5. Bride should maximize the full benefits of WBIN subscriptions: browsing Vendors for events, accessing discounts from Vendors, attempting for available freebies in your category & ultimately trying all entries for WBIN all-expense paid wedding/vow renewal for the TV show within the subscription period.

6. To participate in WBIN TV Show, She would fulfill all registration requirements:

  • i. Create an account and fill bride’s entry form on whichbrideisnext.com
  • ii. Watch all the 12 episodes well enough to answer questions regarding them
  • iii. Answer the test questions & meet the required score to move to next stage
  • iv. Thereafter make a video of not more than 60sec stating why you should be the next Bride (bride to be or vow renewal). Post on IG & tag @wbinofficial, get as much likes, views & reposts as you can (all reposts must tag @wbinofficial)
  • v. Attend live interview in Lagos (towards the end of the current Season’s broadcast) to stand a chance to be selected, the date would be communicated to all successful applicants who reached the stage in point iv above.
  • vi. She is willing to hold her wedding or vow renewal in Lagos
  • vii. She will have not more than 250 guests for wedding or 150 guests for vow renewal.

NB. The Maiden Season's TV & Online premiere is on for 3 months; only entries for Brides & Vendors are running during this broadcast period. Brides can sign on now and proceed straight to enter for Season 2 with our new TV host Kehinde Bankole. The full Subscription’s benefits, which include browsing vendors, enjoy discounts & freebies will commence after broadcast. However be assured that your Subscription period too will not begin to count till this Maiden Season’s broadcast end.

TV airs 6pm every Sunday from April 5th, 2020 on DSTV Africa Magic Showcase CH 151.

Online begins 7pm every Sunday from April 5th, 2020 on whichbrideisnext.com

For further clarification or to learn how to proceed for paid subscription, kindly mail info@whichbrideisnext.com, if not proceed to apply. Remember to always follow @wbinofficial on IG for updates.

Terms & Conditions Apply


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