The photographer that disappoints

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I was so excited about my forthcoming wedding and just like every bride out there, I wanted it to be perfect, I originally booked a photographer for my wedding, but at the last moment the client who cancelled and I was booked, called and booked him again, because he knew the person, he just pulled out. So you can imagine my desperation, especially since I wanted to take my pre wedding pictures, as the wedding was already near. A friend of mine said she knew a photographer and he was very good, she said he wouldn’t even charge me too much, I was happy because every bride knows how expensive it is to plan a wedding. I booked the guy and I was very happy that my wedding plans were going as planned. As usual I had paid half the fee for him to take pre wedding photos for us and shoot our white wedding since we already had our traditional, months before.

The D-day for the pre wedding photos came and we were waiting at the venue, what annoyed me was the fact that he came early and said they forgot the lighting equipment, he sent his boy to quickly go and get it, setting us back by one hour, at that point my make-up artist was talking about how she was scared the make-up would run before the guy came back. Finally they came with the equipment and we started the shoot, I was skeptical because although I didn’t know much about photography, he seemed he was struggling with his equipment a few times, my mistake was because I was in so much of a hurry, I didn’t probe enough before engaging him, I just trusted my friend who recommended. We finished shoot and we went to our various destinations, I told him I was expecting the pictures in two days, he said it would be ready the next day.

Two days later I was still awaiting pictures that I should have posted because my wedding was two weeks away, I called him he said, he had issues with the equipment, but the pictures would be ready that day. Waited all day and nothing, at that point I started panicking, I called my friend who introduced him to me and she called, he told her it would be ready soon. Four days later nothing and at that point I was emotional with everything and would cry at every little provocation. Finally he told my friend that his trainee mistakenly wiped the memory card they used in taking the pictures and he couldn’t do anything about it, I was mad because he waited almost a week to tell me. My other friends advised me to be calm and not be angry because my wedding wasn’t far away anymore, I looked for some clients certified photographers and took another set of pre wedding pictures that came out the next day and I posted. I was happy because my wedding went well as planned, but I know I won’t be going after photographers who are not trust worthy again.


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