The newlywed fight

 In Post Wedding

I am here again with my usual gossip, I have missed you and the gist I am sharing today is one that so many couples go through. I was seated at my gate as usual, there wasn’t light and I needed the fresh air. This couple who lived opposite my house and were newlyweds drove in, the man opened the car door, stepped out went to the other side and opened the door for his wife. I smiled and said to myself, this couple’s love is real.

I remembered their wedding… and before you raise your eyebrows, I was invited; I didn’t crash the wedding. So as I was saying the wedding was talk of town, you know those kinds of weddings that you attend and you are satisfied, not the ones you sit for hours and aren’t served food. This couple’s wedding was one in town; everyone attested to that. The wife sported me and waved, I waved back remarking on how respectful she was. Not long after our Power distribution company favored us with light so I carried myself inside.

Around 11pm, while many were asleep, I heard the voices of a couple quarreling. As usual I thought it was Mama Veronica and her husband, but there was a difference about this quarrel, the couple sounded educated. After a while, I went to sleep since it was not my business. The next day I went to sit at my usual corner; Mama Veronica came to meet me. She greeted me as usual and asked if I heard the noise last night. I said I heard but refused to mention I thought it was her and her husband, she explained that it was the newly married couple whose marriage wasn’t up to three months that were quarrelling. I was surprised; I told her it was not a new thing, couples fight all the time especially newlyweds. She said I didn’t even ask what caused the fight, I asked her if she knows, she said in all their quarrel, they shouted regarding the issue. She said the wife saw a message sent to the man by a female colleague and all hell broke loose.

Mama Veronica went on to say she is surprised that a man that just got married didn’t even wait a while before he started cheating. I told her how sure was she that he was cheating, maybe she sent something work related, she countered me and said sending work related around that time, I told her it’s because she doesn’t have a business that kept her busy that’s why she didn’t understand. She got up angrily and left.

After she left, I reminisced on the situation she just told me, even if the woman sent something very suggestive, I don’t think it should have resulted in a fight, that’s why we have to be patient and know how to react to things because people like Mama Veronica are always there waiting to carry bad news.

Not long after the couple drove in, the man came out as usual and opened the car door for his wife, when she stepped out she gave him a kiss, I was surprised. If this was a couple that was arguing yesterday, now all is well. The man opened the booth of the car and carried out gift boxes and followed his wife to the house. I laughed to myself and looked at Mama Veronica’s window because I know she would be watching; this situation teaches her to also mind her business, Amebo.

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