The Bridezilla

 In Vendor Chronicles

So I was in my office, reminiscing over my just concluded event, it was a 70th birthday party, the party was a success and I got so many contacts as an event planner. I was going through my schedule to know when the next event was holding, so I can go on my much needed vacation My PAcame in and told me a client just called; she booked coming to see me that afternoon. I squeezed my face because there goes my vacation, but I smiled, well no one says no to some extra money and some creative venture, so I told my secretary we are good to go.

As two o clock approached, I prepared anxiously and waited for the client. When it was two, she wasn’t still around, I asked my secretary if the client said two she nodded. I was anxious because this was one of the warning signs when it came to clients that would give us problems, but who was I to judge, maybe she ran into traffic and there is a genuine reason she is late. She came in finally around three and marched into my office like a Diva, at that point I knew what I was facing because I had met her type of bride before. She talked about how she was a fan of my work and was impressed with my other jobs, but she wants something spectacular and something different. I nodded as she talked because I had been here before, my secretary was very irritated with her attitude, but who are we, customers are always right was our mantra, so we smiled and nodded obediently to what she said.

That was the beginning of a three-month torture from this bride; every hall, designer, colour and even food was irritating her. She was also not cooperative, always came to meetings late, her attitude was really bad and she was rude to all the staff. At a point I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and almost exploded when she cancelled the caterer we had both agreed to, because she felt the lady wasn’t sophisticated enough, mind you this lady is one of my best and most trusted caterers. I booked another one last minute a week to her wedding and she started complaining, I just had to sit her down and tell her in a cool, calm and collected voice, I said I will leave this wedding for her to plan since she had decided to be the wedding planner.  She was paying me to organize her event but now she controlled everything, she looked me in the eye and saw how dead serious I was and burst into tears, she said I was blackmailing her one week to her wedding. I told her I was just being realistic. Her mother was around and actually supported me in my argument saying she was too much of a perfectionist.

She apologized for her wrong doings and said she was only just nervous about the wedding and will trust my judgments concerning the event, she said she was impressed at how I was able to cope with her behavior and thanked me. That was how we became friends and I made sure she got the best, always involving her in my decisions. The wedding turned out to be a success that went without any hitch, except the ring bearer who fell asleep during the wedding ceremony and had to be carried. Sometimes as event planners we need to be firm with our clients in the softest way we can, so we can churn out a very beautiful event.

Congratulations to the couple, I wish them happy married life and hope they call us for their child’s birthday party.

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