I thought I was smart but he took me by surprise

 In The Proposal

Akin and I had dated for almost four years and in my heart I knew where this was going, we had talked about marriage so many times and I knew that was where we were headed. On the day he proposed, I was clueless about it, my friends arrived and told me that they wanted us to hang out at the spa, I am an introvert and would not go out except I am really in the mood. I tried refusing but they weren’t having any of it, my sister was like I should just go so I went.  We got to the spa and I must admit, I enjoyed myself, we went to the salon from there and they were very adamant that I painted my nails, in my mind I was like what is the problem with all these girls.

From there we went to shop for clothes and this stingy friend of mind said she would pay for all my purchases, I was surprised, not that she is stingy though, but we all knew she never spent too much money in the middle of the month; the more reason I was surprised. Well, I utilized the opportunity and bought a few things; if only I had known what was waiting for me. We went back home and I was forced to wear one of the dresses I bought then voila we were all going to dinner, my sister included.

We set out for dinner at one of the prestigious hotels and I started seeing some signs, I never thought it was for me because my boyfriend had already called and told me he would be busy with some clients. We got to the dining areas and I could see my pictures everywhere, with lovely messages about how he would love me forever and would like to take care of me. Everyone was there, my family, his family and some other friends, I was already crying when I spotted the engagement cake on the table. Akin came out of nowhere and went down on his knees, he said a lot of things half of which I didn’t hear because I was too excited and then he said “Anita will you marry me”, I said yes and he put the most gorgeous ring on my finger, I was happy my friend insisted I painted my nails. I love my fiancé and I know we would be happy together.


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