• The discount code is N5,000.00; it is the same entry requirement for the reality show
  • It enables an individual get a 20% discount from six (6) selected categories on the platform
  • You are to select 4 while WBIN provides you with 2 to make 6 vendors
  • Discount codes can be purchased through designated banks (advisable you instruct that payment be posted immediately) or through our other payment platforms;
  • After payment, send an email immediately with your teller number, full name and personal mobile number to pay@whichbrideisnext.com. You will receive via email and SMS your discount code within 24hours of confirmation.
  • Brides, grooms, family or friends can buy discount codes to use or give as gifts
  • An individual can buy more than one discount code for more options, that is more categories
  • During selection of vendors, participant should please note that a particular item cannot be selected more than once to get above 20% discount for example, one cannot select “make-up” more than once to obtain 40%, 60%, etc discount. You are entitled to only 20% discount on an item from a particular vendor no matter the number of discount codes you have.
  • If discount code is bought on behalf of an individual, details of that individual should be sent to the email address or, if possibly, that individual should register himself/herself;
  • Your discount benefits can only be accessed from vendors on our Directory
  • Discounts should be used within 3 Months of purchase or as agreed with your vendors
  • Discount codes should be kept safe and confidential to avoid others from using it.
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