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I am here again and the story that I heard recently just gave me serious heartbreak. Some young girls in my compound, were talking about a couple that divorced because the man did not buy Sharwama for her, I was very surprised, no shocked. The next thing that came to my mind was that either the girl was crazy or mad, yes I know they are the same thing.

Then it occurred to me, maybe the story was a lie and it was made up by an internet person just to make news. I later learnt that it was not in this country but another one, well their business I said. Although I had swept the story under the carpet, it brought a story that I heard a long time ago. It was about a couple that separated over the last butter in the house, the wife used remaining butter in the container and the husband said he was divorcing her and ended up doing it.

I realize that, I cannot be judgmental because in marriage a lot of things happen, it could be that these couples were having issues before they finally threw in the towel due to a minor issue. We as outsiders in cannot decide to point fingers because we weren’t in the marriage with them. For example the man could have been dealing with a woman who didn’t give him peace, and the woman could dealing with a man who didn’t love her and took her for granted. Those little action made him or her angry and want to end the marriage.

In cases like this, what I would say is the couple should talk to people they trust, like their family or very close friends. In fact they have to see a therapist, a marriage councilor and if they decide they want to end it, they can go ahead. But my advice to young people out there, don’t just jump into marriage because of the fancy ceremony and how the ring would look on both of your fingers, or because you were forced into it. Get married for love and know your partners before you say “I do”.

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